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Almost end... ...

This is the end of my third semester, which is the last one... The feelings are so different from what I imaged before, or should I say, it is hard to say what feelings I imaged before, but I know it's different. It is not full of joy, not that much worry, either.

I'm not moving to anywhere else, I probably will stay at the same apartment. Even if I start work in two months, I'll still pass by the same square and coffee shop every day.

I'm satisfied with what I've got, which may not be a good sign, cause it is my expectation that changed. I realized I need to do more, to see more, to learn more, and to feel more. But I did learn things after the past 18 months, like patience, persistence and being honest with yourself.

There is no end for this, things go on and on, one after another. I'm lucky I still feel excited about what will happen next, and I know what to do. If I feel sad about myself, I need to do more; If I feel happy about myself, I need to move on and try more.

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